Join Hendrick’s Gin in a jubilant celebration of World Gin Day with the new limited release: Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA Gin – the magic of the sea

Introducing Hendrick’s Gin NEPTUNIA, the newest genius from Hendrick’s Gin, Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie and her Cabinet of Curiosities. An exquisite sea-inspired sensation celebrating the magic of the sea. NEPTUNIA adds another wave of flavour to Hendrick’s Gin with an enticing chorus of deeply refreshing coastal botanicals – Sea Kelp, Coastal Thyme, Lime, and combines a smooth, citrus finish with a delicious sea breeze. As with all Hendrick’s gins, each is built from a story of Gracie’s personal day-to-day-life.

NEPTUNIA is inspired by the rugged Scottish coastline that surrounds the Hendrick’s Gin Palace to express the magic of the sea in a gin. As a chorus of waves sang across the Scottish coastline, their poetic melody enchanted Ms Gracie. She vowed to do the impossible, to extract the essence of this oceanic allure and share it with the world – as a gin. It’s in Hendrick’s DNA to be unusual, and it’s perhaps not entirely unsurprising that Hendrick’s takes a curiously different approach to liquid innovation.

Within a locked cabinet at The Hendrick’s Gin Palace lies the Cabinet of Curiosities, where Gracie keeps her most experimental concoctions. Gracie founded the Cabinet of Curiosities in 2019 after almost 2 decades distilling, grown from her insatiable thirst for experimentation. Each year she brings forward a new release based on her inspirations unique to that year. She uses a mysterious blend of botanicals to tell stories with gin and conjure up captivating sensory memories never fully revealing the botanical base. Each launch is available for a limited time only, no matter how beloved or popular, all perfectly paired with a cucumber garnish.

“We cannot wait for the newest Hendrick’s Gin NEPTUNIA to hit our bars! There is something so exciting about crafting a new cocktail based on a specific flavour profile, especially when it is something as unusual as Ms Gracie’s creations. Our locals always love trying a new and special flavour.” – bartender Tynan Singh from PS40 says of Hendrick’s Gin NEPTUNIA

Ally Martin, Hendrick’s Gin Global Brand Ambassador says it’s time to dive right into the magical curiosities of the sea. “Hendrick’s Gin NEPTUNIA journey starts with the deep aroma of a coastal walk with fresh notes of citrus and a nod to our classic Hendrick’s gin, of course. The taste of alluring juniper character extended with the deep earthy notes of locally and sustainably sourced Scottish coastal botanicals, fresh coastal herbs and an unmistakably clean and smooth citrus finish, served with a slice of cucumber.

You can expect to see the limited release of Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA hitting Australian shores this June, capturing the tantalizing nature of the sea to your glass as if you were sitting beside the sea feeling the sea breeze and crashing waves.”

Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA will be available in Australia’s premiere establishments, including The Boathouse Group Sydney who for June are collaborating with Hendrick’s on a Hendrick’s NEPTUNIA inspired ‘pop-up’ menu.

Ally is excited to be heading down under this September for the annual Sydney Bar Week, the biggest week on the Australian hospitality calendar. Running from the 3rd – 7th of September, it is a week to recognise and celebrate Australian bartenders and the whole bar industry.

“We cannot wait for the newest Hendrick’s Gin NEPTUNIA to hit our bars!” bartender Tynan Singh from PS40 says of Hendrick’s Gin NEPTUNIA, “There is something so exciting about crafting a new cocktail based on a specific flavour profile, especially when it is something as unusual as Ms Gracie’s creations. Our locals always love trying a new and special flavour.”

Celebrate World Gin Day with a NEPTUNIA Curious Margarita
A global celebration of all things gin, held every second Saturday in June, join Hendrick’s Gin in jubilant celebration of World Gin Day this June 11. Get people together across Australia and around the world to raise a glass to the brilliant spirit that is gin. Whether it’s in a cocktail, a Hendrick’s G&T or neat as part of a tasting, celebrate this wonderful juniper-laced spirit in all of its glory, accompanied by a cucumber garnish of course. To help you celebrate our beloved juniper-based spirit, raise your very own NEPTUNIA Curious Margarita.

Other Delectable’s in The Cabinet of Curiosities
The first release in 2019 from the Cabinet of Curiosities was Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice. A flirtatious floral gin inspired by the eternal mystery of nature’s most spectacular blooms, occurring during the midsummer solstice, when botanicals and flowers are at their most powerful. An enchanting gin that sees the classic Hendrick’s Gin distilled with Lesley Gracie’s most secretive selection of floral essences, making it distinctly Hendrick’s.

Last year, Hendrick’s Lunar Gin was a once-in-a-blue moon release. This intriguing iteration struck Gracie under the cover of moonlight whilst reveling in a spot of midnight botanical gardening at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace. Lunar gin is the most peculiar and unusual gin, unlike any other. It is refreshing with an alluring complexity and delightful warmth best suited to being savoured as a sundowner or for night sipping, moon gazing and other sensible modes of contemplation.

About Hendrick’s Gin
Officially launched in 1999, Hendrick’s is oddly infused with the superb essence of rose and cucumber, delightfully blended with no less than 11 high quality botanicals from all four corners of the world.

No other gin tastes like Hendrick’s Gin because no other gin is made like Hendrick’s Gin. Distilled in two different sorts of stills, leaders in their design, the Bennett still are an antique copper pot dating back to 1860, and the Carter-Head still, originally from 1948, of which there are few still existing today. Combining the two spirits yields a marvelously smooth gin, full of character with a balance of subtle flavours.

For more information on stocking the Hendrick’s Gin range, reach out to your William Grant & Sons rep.