How to make the Headlights from The Baxter Inn, presented by Head Bartender, Leah Dunnigan

Photography & video by Christopher Pearce

While it’s known for its epic whisk(e)y selection, and even a dedicated Whisky Room (which we think is pretty great), the folks at Baxter whip up some pretty tasty cocktails too. And they have a new list. So, today we have Head Bartender Leah Dunnigan mixing up Headlights. You should pop  in for a visit: The Baxter Inn. Open from 4pm – 3am, 7 days a week at 152-156 Clarence Street, Sydney.

40ml Beeswax washed Beefeater
10ml Cointreau
30ml Pistachio Orgeat
30ml Passionfruit Soda
10ml Egg white
Add ingredients excluding soda to shaker.
Add ice and reverse dry shake.
Add Passionfruit soda to high ball.
Top with ingredients in shaker.
Add cubed ice & cap with crushed.
Garnish with honey comb.

How to... Prep time
Step 1: Add pre-batched beeswax gin & Cointreau
Step 2: Add Pistachio orgeat
Step 3: Add egg white
Step 4: Add ice for reverse dry shake
Step 5: Shake
Step 6: Discard ice & shake again
Step 7: Add soda to hi-ball
Step 8: Add remaining cocktail to high ball
Step 9: Add cubed ice
Step 10: Cap with crushed ice
Step 11: Garnish with homemade honeycomb
Step 12: Drink & Enjoy