Have you entered SPRITZ ME TO VENICE yet?

Just a few weeks left to enter one of the most exciting bartender promotions of the year.

A prize like no other – A TOTAL OF 6 fully CATERED experiences are up for grabs to Venice and Milan, and it is super easy to enter!

What is Spritz Me To Venice?

It’s the most hospo friendly, super simple competition to enter for the most amazing prize. From October until December 31st  2022, the team at Aperol Spritz AU have asked bartenders to film themselves making the ‘perfect serve’ Aperol spritz, to share it on their Instagram as a reel with the hashtag #SpritzMeToVenice. Once uploaded and posted – job done, you’re in the draw.

Bartenders all over the country are getting behind the competition to help educate on the correct way to make an Aperol Spritz. To see how others have done it, GET ON YOUR INSTAGRAM, AND SEARCH THE #SPRITZMETOVENICE for more inspiration, you won’t be disappointed – there have been some absolute gems so far.

This promotion is not about the creativity or the quality of the video, this is not a likes or shares challenge.  Help us educate the world, or even just Australia, so the next café, restaurant, hotel, RSL or cocktail bar you walk into, you’re not greeted by a layered Aperol Spritz that looks like it has spent more time in the sun than you have!

By posting an Aperol Spritz video that features the correct recipe and execution before Dec 31st 2022, you can be entered into a draw, where two bartenders are selected at random, Australia-wide, to win a trip to Italy in 2023!


By the time you’re be reading this, four of the six lucky winners as part of the #SpritzMeToVenice promotion will have already been drawn. What does this mean? There are still two major prizes to be awarded and the chances have never looked so high!


All of the information on how to enter and the T&C’s are on the www.spritzmetovenice.com webpage. Do yourself a favor and give it a quick read through, not to miss any details. Alternatively follow the simple steps below:

  • Get some Aperol, prosecco, soda and a fresh orange
  • Get to your bar (or why not, your kitchen, your garden)
  • Get a friend (or use a tripod if you don’t have any friends) and set your stage
  • Film yourself making the perfect Aperol Spritz (see more tips below)
  • Post it as a reel and use the #tag #SpritzMeToVenice 

Here are some tips and pointers to keep you on the right track:


  • It is very important that your profile is set to PUBLIC for our team to be able to discover your entry
  • You do not necessarily have to speak or do a VOICE OVER for the entry to be eligible. Pick a nice soundtrack if that’s more your vibe
  • If you’re shy and would not like to appear “on camera” you could even just film YOUR HANDS and the glass while building the drink, and avoid showing your face
  • It does not necessarily need to be filmed in the bar where you currently work. Create a reel that’s peak to your aesthetic and style


  • You MUST follow the 321 PROPORTIONS a.k.a. 90mls of prosecco, 60ML OF APEROL and 30ml of soda measurements. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • The above recipe needs to be featured in your REEL in some shape and form. There are 3 easy ways of doing so:
    • A Voice-over (talk us through the recipe in your video)
    • Caption (write the recipe in the caption of your posted REEL or on the video itself)
    • STICKERS (be creative and add colorful on-screen supers to showcase the measurements and Aperol spritz recipe)
  • While proportions and measurements are fundamental, sequence and the order of the ingredients to which you prefer to build your spritz are not as critical.
    • Normally, we’d like to see a classic Italian way of building the spritz, starting with a glass full of ice, followed by prosecco, Aperol, soda, a quick stir and an orange wedge.
    • But, if preserving carbonation, consistency, speed of service and controlled dilution are your jam, go ahead and use the 60 (Aperol) + 90 (prosecco) + dash (soda) technique filling with ice at the very end and garnishing with no need of stirring. We won’t judge.
    • Whether you’re a Spritz traditionalist or not, what matters in the end is final output of the Aperol Spritz!


  • Scan the QR code to go straight to the SMTV homepage.
  • Reach out to your friendly Campari Academy BA or Campari AU reps for any help,
  • We’ll even supply the Aperol and prosecco if you need us to!
  • Get amongst it, tell your mates and come to Italy with us!


Krystal and the Campari Academy Team