“A super refreshing and fruity tequila drink”: The Sunbeam cocktail from Bar Mellow in Newcastle

Bar Mellow
Ground Floor, 744 Hunter Street, Newcastle West

We reached out to Prudence Farquhar, one of the owners of Bar Mellow (and Blue Kahunas) in Newcastle as their cocktails on Insta are looking fantastic and we thought we should showcase one of their summer specials.

Here’s what they have to say about Sunbeam: “We wanted to create a super refreshing and fruity tequila drink for our summer menu. Rockmelon is the perfect in-season summer fruit to complement tequila, a no-brainer. The bitter citrus aperitivo adds an incredible depth of citrus and a welcome bitterness to balance the sweet rockmelon, the salty tajin salt rim to add savoury notes.”

40ml Blanco Tequila
30ml Saint Felix Bitter Citrus Aperitivo
30ml Rockmelon Juice Cordial**
10ml Lemon Juice
Method: Shake and fine strain into glass.
Garnish: Salt Tajin Rim

**Rockmelon Juice Cordial: Juice fresh rockmelon, 
strain through cheesecloth,
add 2:1 ratio with acid/sugar in house blend.

Eamon Mahon, Bar Manager, Bar Mellow, Newcastle.