Boutique-y Whisky Return to Oz Series Release

Multi award-winning independent bottlers That Boutique-y Whisky Company are embarking once again on a tour Down Under with the release of their next batch of limited edition spirits from the best of Australia’s distillers – Return to Oz. This release marks the latest collection in their themed quarterly releases, following on from the previously successful themes of 2022 (10th Birthday, the NorWest Euro Express and Boutique-y Records), bottling the best of Meganesia two years after their fully allocated and long sold-out 2021 Australia Series.

With a range of distilleries not widely available outside of Australia, Boutique-y’s Return To Oz has curated some of the finest award-winning Australian whiskies as well as some of the most coveted and limited spirits the continent has to offer, enabling whisky lovers around the world to try them for the first time.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company first appeared in September 2012 with the launch of four single malt Scotch whiskies from Ardbeg, Macallan, Caperdonich and Port Ellen. In the decade that followed, TBWC has released bottlings from some of the most well known Scotch whisky brands, alongside some of the most interesting and diverse distilleries across the world, as well as blending their own delicious and pioneering whiskies.

With a focus on highlighting the best malt, rye, wheat and corn distilleries the world has to offer the brand has developed into one of the most recognisable independent bottlers on the market.

TBWC are globally recognised for their ‘outside the box’ approach to whisky, never afraid of venturing outside the classic territories known for whisky production such as Scotland, America or Ireland. Instead, avidly embarking on a global journey of discovery to highlight the vast range of impeccable distilleries and producers around all corners of the world.

There are six brand new whisky distilleries never bottled by TBWC before, new casks from two distilleries from the first Australian series, and a new cask from the very first Australian whisky we bottled way back in 2015. There’s a new Australian rye whisky, eight Australian single malts, two of which are peated, and an Australian brandy.

If you recall, our first collection of Australian whiskies had the Southern Cross constellation theme running throughout the collection of labels. There was also a Lark on each of the labels where the ‘godfather’ of modern Australian whisky, Bill Lark, had played an important part in the distillery’s history. We needed a new theme to this second collection of Australian whisky. Seeing as Australia seems to have the majority of the most dangerous animals, insects, and reptiles in the world, for our Return to Oz collection, we’ve decided to assign each label with a deadly animal that can be found around the area where each distillery is located., so look out for them on each of the labels.

Seeing as Australia seems to have the majority of the most dangerous animals, insects, and reptiles in the world, for our Return to Oz collection, we’ve decided to assign each label with a deadly animal that can be found around the area where each distillery is located., so look out for them on each of the labels.

‘Return to Oz’ highlights TBWC’s drive to celebrate whiskies from producers across the globe, and their ability to bring to light distillers who remain unknown to many. That being said, according to, “revenue in the Australian Whisky segment currently amounts to £1.52bn in 2023. With this market expected to grow annually by 3.98% (CAGR 2023-2025)”.

Alongside the lineup of Australian-focused headliners, TBWC is also releasing a separate range of seven succulent Scotch whiskies, to surprise and delight the more traditional of whisky drinkers.

In addition to whisky, after the successful first release from That Boutique-y Brandy Company (albeit with a Calvados, in our last collection), we are proud to introduce in quick succession our second brandy! Yes, This time it’s a Brandy from the much-lauded Sullivans Cove Distillery.

Sullivans Cove in Tasmania could hardly be further from Scotland, but in double-quick time it has established a record that most distilleries around the globe would envy.

Dave Worthington, Global Brand Ambassador for That Boutique-y Whisky Company, said of this latest release, “After the success of our first trip down under in 2021, I’m delighted that we’ve been able to return so soon, and to come back with another great selection of whiskies. There’s plenty to discover with this release, from some very small scale distilleries that you might not have come across before, to some you will have heard of. There’s a welcome return to the very first Australian distillery we ever bottled, Overeem, with a great new label, as well as a couple of new releases from distilleries we featured in our first series. We had a lot of fun finding out about the dangerous animals for each of the labels – The ‘Ricky Pontin’ is a bloody ripper!”

In line with the previous themed releases, That Boutique-y Rum Company will also be releasing a range of four hand curated rums from not only Australia, but Thailand too.

Peter Holland, Global Brand Ambassador for That Boutique-y Rum Company, said of the release, “It’s exciting to be heading down under once again. Australia has an exceptionally well-known Rum brand (*cough-cough* Bundy!), but outside of this, it is a vibrant and relatively untapped scene. And once again, That Boutique-y Rum Company is here to help you explore beyond the mainstream.

This outrun takes us back to Black Gate, with a familiar but higher-proof offering for your glass. We step things up with two new producers to the portfolio; First, a delicious 12-year-old Rum from Mount Uncle Distillery, and secondly, a 14-year-old Secret Distillery bottling that enthusiasts will be keen to lay hands on – we can’t share the name – but I think folks won’t have to think too long about it. It’s all genuinely exceptional liquid, and I can’t wait to share a tot or two.’’

The full lineup will go live on Master of Malt and key retailers in the UK & Europe from 27th January 2023. Australia stocks will be available from our partners Proof & Company mid-year, through independent retailers including The Oak Barrel & Old Barrel House and behind leading bars.

~ That Boutique-y Whisky Company ‘Return to Oz’ Headliners

Chief’s Son 5 year old – Batch 1 – $294.95

Corowa 4 year old – Batch 1 -$239.95 Fleurieu 3 year old – Batch 2 – $309.95 Launceston 5 year old – Batch 1 – $319.95 Limeburners 5 year old – Batch 1 – $299.95 Overeem 5 year old – Batch 3 – $329.95 Riverbourne 2 year old – Batch 2 – $224.95 The Gospel 3 year old – Batch 1 – $179.95 Tria Prima 2 year old – Batch 1 – $294.95

That Boutique-y Whisky Company ‘Return to Oz’ Scotches

Blended Whisky #3 26 year old – Batch 2 – $244.95 Caol Ila 6 year old – Batch 22 – $139.95 Craigellachie 13 year old – Batch 13 – $144.95 Glen Elgin 16 year old – Batch 7 – $159.95 Invergordon 25 year old – Batch 22 – $174.95 Macduff 21 year old – Batch 9 – $264.95

Speyside #4 24 year old – Batch 1 – $189.95

That Boutique-y Brandy Company Lineup

Sullivan’s Cove 9 year old – Batch 1 – $339.95

That Boutique-y Rum Company Lineup

Black Gate 3 year old – Batch 2 – $179.95 Mount Uncle – 12 year old – Batch 1 – $194.95

Secret Distillery #8 14 year old – Batch 1 – $204.95

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