It’s International Women’s Day: Here are five great women we have interviewed in the last year

It’s International Women’s Day today, so let’s take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful women in our lives and in our industry.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is ‘Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future‘. We reckon these women are a driving force in pushing for a gender equal future, so we would like to revisit these five excellent interviews with some inspirational women from the last 12 months.

1. Rachel Mynczywor, Boodle Beasley, Hobart.

From Florida to Hobart; we’re lucky hospo powerhouse Rachel Mynczywor chose this tiny island as her home. Story by @withcaradevine

“Being served by [Rachel] is always a pleasure – she has certainly retained the warm Southern hospitality honed working first as a hostess and busser, then waiting tables in Florida. It has been in Tasmania, though, that she has turned her attention to the bar.”

2. Priscilla Leong, Australian Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year 2022, The Flowing Bowl, Melbourne

Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year: Jono Carr chats with the Top 3

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about entering a cocktail competition?
Understand what the brand is looking for by paying attention to the details in the brief. Sometimes you might receive a brief that is too open-ended and not a lot of definition is given – you’ll just have to get comfortable with creating your own brief. Stick to what you know and are confident in executing. Don’t try to be too creative for the sake of being creative. Often the rule of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid) works more in your favour than trying to deliver something that is badly executed.”

3. Kate Bartlett, Third Place Australian Bartender of the Year 2022, Cobbler, Brisbane

Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year: Jono Carr chats with the Top 3

What makes a great bartender? The best bartenders know when and how often to approach and chat to customers, whether they’re studying, on a date, or having a solo night out and are in need of a friendly face.”

4. Cécile Schoen, Bar Manager, Alba Bar & Deli, Brisbane

Meet Cécile Schoen: From Bartender to FOH, it’s a treat to be served by Cécile at multi-award winning Alba Bar & Deli (especially if you like sherry!)

“I think working hospo made me a better person overall, more patient , better at communicating, more perfectionist, paying attention to details… The Brisbane hospo community is what makes me want to stay.”

5. Ana Mitchell, The 18th Amendment Bar, Geelong

Meet Ana Mitchell: The Geelong native making waves with her infectious enthusiasm

“Geelong has a close community, you can really connect with your guests and other industry workers and although we have quieter nights than the city, it’s those nights you can really make an impression on your guests. I have enormous pride in my hometown and am thrilled I’m in a position to contribute to its growth.”