Fernet-Branca & Ramblin’ Rascals are having a Hospo Party on May 29!

When: Monday 29th May from 4PM
Where: Ramblin Rascal, Basement 60 Park St, Sydney
Expect: Great tunes, free food from Butter at 7pm, merch giveaways, coins giveaways and a special drinks menu for the night.

Fernet-Branca is for many but not for all… but it certainly is the hospitality shot and the bartender’s handshake.

Bartenders all over the world drink Fernet-Branca because they own that bitter and medicinal flavour, and when they drink it they feel a common sense of belonging.

On Monday 29th May, Fernet-Branca is throwing a Hospo party at Ramblin Rascal Tavern in Sydney. So if you think “Life is Bitter” and you want to have a chance of getting your own Fernet-Branca coin, come on down.