SHAKE, STIR or THROW… with Perfection and Politeness! ‘HOW DO YOU DOOOOO SIPPERS?’

King Charles has been crowned and true to its ethos, Sipsmith Gin is getting all proud and proper, as the team at The Blend encourage you to ‘SHAKE, STIR or THROW’ to show off your ‘Best of British’ flair when it comes to making cocktails!

Following two ‘sip’cessful Bar of Smithery events, the team are diving deeper into the swan pond, inviting Blend members nationally to win ONE OF FIVE PRIZES, made-up of VIP TRIPS to a Sipsmith Swanhouse in Sydney.

Who can throw like Thor or shake like Beyonce?


For the first time ever, Sipsmith will be celebrating the English wonder that is Wimbledon in Australia, bringing to life the brand’s distinction, charm and character within a sipping sanctuary for you to be our VIP guest at.


Capture a whimsical Sipsmith drink creation ON CAMERA and simply, have some FUN – that’s what Sipsmith’s much-loved quintessential gin, making drinks and hospitality is all about! Like the London Dry Gin’s Founders, be eager & eccentric and capture yourself making a stirred, shaken or thrown Sipsmith serve – with passion & pride.

You will be judged on:

  1. FUN & FLAIR (20 points) – how much eccentricity is captured in your photo / video?
  2. YOUR SERVE (10 points) – look, presentation & ‘sip’ability factor of your Sipsmith creation
  3. BEST OF BRITISH (10 points) – do you look / come across proper and polite / charming and charismatic? Do you present in your most pristine uniform and prime setting to get the winning shot or video?!
  4. SIPSMITH SHOWCASE (10 points) – was our quintessential gin in prime position?



FIVE mixology masters will receive:

A Sipsmith Swanhouse visit with The Blend (+ sipping & socializing at some gin-loving local locations) in Sydney (9th – 11th July)

Accommodation at the QT Hotel (x 2 nights)

Return flights & transfers (for x 3 non NSW & VIC residents)

$300 bar vouchers

Limited Edition Sipsmith Stock (not available in retail)

Gift packs with some Swan like goodies to keep you afloat (get it?!)


Entry Period: NOW, up until 19th June via photo or video upload onto The Blend Website.

Winners (5) Announced: by 23rd June.

Prize Fulfillment: Sunday 9th – Tuesday, 11th July (in Sydney)

Keep your eyes on @theblend_au for some inspiration and teasers of the competition across June.

Any questions? Contact your Local Brand Ambassador or drop us a line on