Make It My-strength with East Pole

We’ve recalibrated gin.

Our quest to create a mid-strength gin – that doesn’t compromise on bold, botanical flavour – took 18 months of experimentation. We’ve arrived at a proprietary distillation method that puts our gin in the Goldilocks zone for sober-curious consumers: not too heavy, not too light. Just right. At 22.3% ABV, East Pole’s entire range has around half the alcohol of standard spirits. We like to think of it as “lifestyle strength” gin.

With Australians increasingly seeking out mindful drinking experiences, East Pole helps people, and venues, to find a balance by placing the focus on socialization, wellness and taste appreciation. All without going to the extreme of zero proof. We believe consumers deserve choice and venues deserve to capture this growing market without diluting flavour.

A Champion of Choice

For those who can stop at one martini, we are proud to reveal East Pole’s collection now comes in a full-strength option. Introducing East Pole at 40% ABV in Classic Dry and Kakadu Plum; with the same boldly balanced flavours you’ve come to expect. Mid-strength or full-strength gin? The choice is yours – without compromise.

Native ingredients play a significant role in all of our gins – Kakadu plum, desert lime, strawberry gum, riberry and lemon myrtle often scent the air of our Victorian distillery. We favour east-of-centre botanical profiles and prefer to source premium fruits, herbs and spices locally. It’s why East Pole gin is already found at some of Melbourne’s most discerning bars and bottle shops.

The Range

Classic Dry
Our take on traditional London Dry. As juniper-laden as gin aficionados demand, East Pole Classic Dry features full-bodied spice courtesy of coriander seed, plus liquorice, angelica and orris roots. Finished with whole lemons for brightness, this gin stands tall in Martinis and Negronis.

Pink Grapefruit
Distilled with citrus lovers in mind. While this gin has a subtle pink blush, there’s nothing subtle about the burst of zest that locally-sourced, pink grapefruit adds to the mix. The tart backbone of East Pole Pink Grapefruit is balanced by warm, spiced notes of riberry, the freshness of strawberry gum, and a final fortifying sprinkle of sea salt.

Kakadu Plum
Our most tropical gin highlights native botanicals: the tart fruitiness of Kakadu Plum and the intense fragrance of lemon myrtle. East Pole Kakadu Plum is boosted with the addition of succulent, fresh mango, while coconut brings natural sweetness and a satiny mouth-feel. Try it as a twist on tiki.

Desert Lime
An unconventional gin that’s drenched in the herbal, tangy sweetness of Australian desert limes. The native fruit is accented by earthy turmeric and golden ginger. With East Pole Desert Lime, there’s no need to choose between citrus or spice – it will make your next G&T as refreshing as a monsoon


While East Pole’s half-strength gins were already recognised at last year’s Melbourne International Spirits Competition – Desert Lime and Pink Grapefruit won Silver medals, Classic Dry won Bronze, it is now the full-strength gin’s time in the spotlight. At the recent 2023 Awards, East Pole Pink Grapefruit 40% and East Pole Classic Dry 40% were both honoured with Bronze medals before they even officially launched.

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