Byrdi makes #61 in World’s 50 Best 51-100 announcement

The World’s 50 Best Bars has today announced the extended 51-100 list with a re-entry from Australia, Melbourne’s Byrdi at No.61!

Byrdi is having a good run at the moment and was recently awarded Cocktail Bar of the Year at the Australian Bartender Magazine Bar Awards.

The extended list includes bars from 34 cities across the world, with 14 new entries including first-time entries for Mexico’s cities of Tulum (Arca at No.60) and Guadalajara (El Gallo Altanero at No.65) as well as the first ever entry from Albania, Nouvelle Vague in Tirana at No.86.

You can see the 51-100 list here.

Luke Whearty, owner of Byrdi in Melbourne

USA comes through with six bars on the 51-100


Of the 15 bars from the Americas, the USA leads the 51-100 list with six bars, including four from New York: Attaboy at No.57; new entry Martiny’s at No.68; Maison Premiere at No.91 and Employees Only at No.99. Chicago’s Kumiko is at No.82 alongside Thunderbolt in Los Angeles at No.89.

Elsewhere in North America, Mexico sees four new entries, including two new cities, with Tulum’s Arca at No.60, closely followed by El Gallo Altanero, Guadalajara at No.65. Further new entries include Mexico City’s Rayo at No.72 and Kaito del Valle at No.81. Canada also re-joins the list for the first time since 2020 with new entry Civil Liberties from Toronto at No.73.

In South America, Lima’s Lady Bee enters the extended list for the first time at No.52 and is joined by São Paulo’s Tan Tan (No.56) and SubAstor (No.58), with Bogotá’s La Sala de Laura at No.80.

UK leads Europe for another year

Europe retains its crown as the continent with the most entries, with five of 17 in the UK. London’s Lyaness (No.54) and Artesian (No.100) both re-enter the list and are joined by Swift at No.76 and Donovan Bar at No.92. Elsewhere in the UK, Schofield’s in Manchester is at No.95.

Following the UK is Greece with two Athens bars on the list – Barro Negro (No.70) and new entry The Bar in Front of the Bar at No.98. Further new entries include: Velvet, Berlin at No.77; Svanen, Oslo at No.84, and Mirror Bar, Bratislava at No.90. Albania sees its first ever entry with Nouvelle Vague at No.86.

Denmark takes to the list for the first time in five years with Ruby, Copenhagen, returning at No.87. Also featured are Danico (No.51) in Paris, Milan’s Camparino in Galleria (No.85), Lisbon’s Red Frog (No.88), Tjoget (No.93) in Stockholm and Nicosia’s Lost & Found (No.96).

Singapore comes out on top in Asia

Singapore has five bars on the list out of a total of 14 across Asia. 28 HongKong Street leads at No.59, followed by Manhattan at No.63, Nutmeg & Clove at No.64, Analogue Initiative at No.78 and Native at No.83. Hong Kong’s Penicillin (No.71) and Darkside (No.97) are joined by Hope & Sesame (No.74) in Guangzhou. Japan and Thailand have two bars apiece: Tokyo’s The Bellwood is at No.53 and High Five at No.79 alongside Bangkok’s Vesper (No.55) and Tropic City (No.66). New Delhi’s Sidecar is at No.67 while Seoul makes a triumphant return with new entry Bar Cham at No.75.

Australia, Middle East & Africa

Hero Bar in Nairobi continues to climb the list, moving up six places to No.62 and Johannesburg’s   Sin + Tax comes in at No.94. Dubai new entry Ergo is at No.69 and Melbourne’s Byrdi has re-entered the list at No.61.

The list of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2023 will be revealed at a live awards ceremony in Singapore on 17 October 2023. The countdown of the list will also be broadcast live to a global audience who are not able to attend in person, from 8.20pm local time. Bars and cocktail lovers are invited to join through The World’s 50 Best Bars Facebook page and 50 Best Bars TV channel on YouTube.