Folly’s: Sydney’s lower north shore gets a revamped bar & bistro

Folly’s Bar & Bistro
429 Miller Street, Cammeray NSW

Folly’s, a cozy 130-seat bar and bistro in Cammeray on Sydney’s North Shore, offers a laid-back bar setting up front and a more intimate wine bar vibe in the back. Headed by Chef Antonio “Ace” Espiritu, who has Michelin-starred restaurant experience, it features an all-day Euro-Med menu alongside a diverse selection of wines, cocktails, and beers.

Managed by Lachy Sturrock from Applejack Hospitality and Sam Smith from Camperdown’s Alfred Hotel, Folly’s has revamped the former Public and Epoque Belgian Beer Cafe site into a relaxed yet sophisticated spot for locals and Sydney food enthusiasts.

Sam Smith & Lachy Sturrock. Photo: Steven Woodburn

Sturrock, drawing on his extensive experience in curating top-tier cocktail and wine lists, has crafted an exceptional beverage selection to complement Espiritu’s accessible yet high-quality menu, highlighting local produce and spirits throughout.

Their cocktail offerings, concise but powerful, spotlight Australian spirits combined with ingredients like charred peach, stewed strawberry, and clarified watermelon. Notable concoctions include the Rise & Fall spritz featuring mistelle, sweet vermouth, blood orange cordial, and prosecco, as well as the all-Australian Barrel of Laughs mixing Morris Whiskey, Okar Island Bitter, charred peach, lemon, and Capital Brewing Co’s Hang Loose Juice New England IPA.


The wine list boasts a strong array of new-world varietals from Australian producers such as Rieslingfreak, Gentle Folk, and Ravensworth.