Rye Elderflower Highball from The Gospel Whiskey

Rye Elderflower Highball @thegospelwhiskey  

The Whiskey Highball, with its rich history, has evolved into one of the most enjoyed long-sipper drinks in modern times. The Highball represents a versatile category of cocktails, with each recipe uniquely delightful.

The Gospel Whiskey, Australia’s highest-awarded whiskey producer, embodies the characteristics of traditional American rye whiskey with a flavour nuance that is distinctly Australian. With a commitment to connecting quality products to sessionable drinking, The Gospel shares their signature Highball recipe.

“It’s great to think about whiskey in a more sessionable context and a highball is a refreshing change when beer is starting to feel a little heavy,” – Andrew Fitzgerald, Co-Founder of The Gospel Whiskey

This Highball is undeniably delicious, using elderflower cordial and crisp soda to elevate the rich rye spice in The Gospel’s Solera Rye – showcasing an Australian product at its best.

Rye Elderflower Highball

Orginal Recipe by Orlando Marzo


45mL The Gospel Solera Rye

25mL Elderflower Cordial

20mL Lemon Juice

120mL Soda Water

Orange Wedge



Pour rye, cordial, lemon and half measure of the soda water required into a highball glass. Add ice to the top, and give a gentle stir. Top up with the rest of the soda water. Garnish with an orange wedge. No straws.

Rye Elderflower Highball is best enjoyed with food.

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