Threeway: Native ingredient cocktails from Ullo in Dee Why

Ullo owner and drinks creator, Kurtis Bosley

Ullo Pizza & Wine
 23 The Strand, Dee Why NSW

ULLO Pizza & Wine is the new venue by Oi Hospitality (Banco Manly, Corretto Dee Why, Bottled by BLOC) that is bringing a late-night vibe to the Dee Why Strip. Serving hot pizza, handmade pasta, local and imported natural wines, live music on the weekend and a Sunday slice club every week.

The drinks list has been built in collaboration with Kurtis, Dan Ashby (Venue Manager) and Christian (Bar Manager) with a big focus on aperitivo-style cocktails. “This has been contextualised by our proximity to the beach,” says Kurtis, adding, “almost all garnishes used are foraged from the local area and there is a big push on Australian natives. The cocktails feature native/foraged ingredients from Dee Why surrounds and take guests on a journey through classic styles of drinking in our own ULLO way.”

The Coastal Gimlet
“The Coastal Gimlet is our way of bringing the ocean to our guests who may not like to walk the sandy path into the abyss across the road. With coastal vermouth, kombu, sea spray & umami oil, our guests get an experience of taking a dive into he ocean with cocktail in hand.” Kurtis Bosley

30ml Gin
10ml Coastal Vermouth
20ml Granny Smith Cordial (acid adjusted)
10ml Massenez Pomme Verte
2 Dashes Kombu Bitters
30ml Lime
3 Dashes Umami Oil


Mulun Pancake Punch
“Mulun Pancake Punch is our house milk punch inspired by a Chinese banana pancake and uses a wattled spiced rum as the base, some tropical undertones from pandas and oolong before the earthiness of the macadamia, banana & chocolate pecan rounds out the drinks flavour.” Kurtis Bosley

1600ml Wattleseed Pancake Spiced Rum
250ml Macadamia Liqueur
600ml Tempis Fugit Creme de Banana
300ml Oolong Tea & Pandan Syrup
60ml Amontillado Sherry
20ml Chocolate Bitters
15ml Pecan Bitters
5g Lactic in 50ml Water (add 10ml lemon juice if needed), milk punch through 400ml Corretto pre-steamed milk from morning

Eucalyptus Popsicle
“Eucalyptus Popsicle idea started when we had a group ordering passionfruit caprioskas next door at our other venue while we were sitting outside having a frosty fruit break during the build stage. We knew we needed something like that on our menu but wanted to give our own take on it so the ideas quickly graduated into a native pumped, boozy popsicle inspired cocktail heavy on the fruit-forward flavours.” – Kurtis Bosley

40ml Strawberry Eucalyptus Vodka
10ml Aperol
10ml Chinola Passionfruit
10ml Simple Syrup
30ml Citrus
Banana Leaf Wrap