Frog’s Hollow Saloon’s Birthday Bar Planet Takeover

Bar Planet’s Leah Dunnigan, behind the bar at Frog’s. Photos by Red Stockholm.

Hendrick’s Martinis and Cowboy hats: A recap of an epic night out!

You’re probably asking, how could you possibly make Frog’s Hollow Saloon any better? How can you possibly improve on the incredible service, a backbar groaning with deliciousness, toasties, splitting umpteen pints of Guinness (responsibly), and cowboy hats?

…The answer: Banging Bar Planet martinis, the legend that is Leah Dunnigan, and Popcorn!

Across the past couple of weekends, in the leadup to celebrating their 2nd Birthday (24th of March), the Charlotte Street watering hole has been rocked by a series of events and takeovers with bars and bartenders from across the country.

On Sunday 10th of March, Bar Planet, in its first Brisbane takeover, took over the reigns for an epic night of long pours, Cucumber & Lemon Sgroppinos, as well as other Hendrick’s Gin bangers, and unlimited bags of their famous popcorn (I’ll stop mentioning the popcorn now…it’s just making me hungry…their popcorn is epic).

Supported by the Frog’s Hollow team, Leah Dunnigan (Bar Manager of the Sydney Martini emporium, Bar Planet) smashed it out of the park, whipping up a selection of delicious Hendrick’s Gin tipples for the Brisbane hospo scene and the general public alike.

These included the famous ice cold, Porron-poured Bar Planet Martini (Hendrick’s Gin joining the Infinite Spirit, Vermouth, lemon zest and olives), Hendrick’s Sgorppino’s (including a house-made Cucumber & Lemon sorbet) and a Frog’s Hollow special, ‘the Space Cowboy’ (Blueberry Jacked Hendrick’s Gin, Rosey Rose vermouth, Lemon, and Vanilla & Cacao Foam).

While attempts were made for the longest Gin Porron pour, we can confirm that no Martinis were harmed in that undertaking and mostly ended up in Martini glasses.

Huge birthday wishes and congratulations here to the Frog’s Hollow team – you know how to throw an incredible party!