OTT Cocktails: Is extravagant cocktail theatre dead?

Thankfully, theatre is not dead. I recently propped up the bar at Cinco Lounge in Lisbon, solo. I had brought a book of crosswords but needn’t have worried – the bartender kept up a string of friendly patter and magic tricks to amuse me.

Little Drop of Poison: A touch of Spain lands in suburban Melbourne

“My time in tapas and pintxo bars in Spain and the Basque country demonstrated how amazing the energy was in a smaller space as conversation and banter flowed between both sides of the bar. This synergy is created with the right style of shared food and the appropriate drops to accompany these dishes.” – Owner, Geo Tapia

Funlab Food & Bev Manager Rachel Hand

“My start in hospitality wasn’t unlike most others in the industry – it all began in fast food,” says Rachael Hand. “But what drew me to bartending was the culture. I was sold on the sea change by a friend’s tales of devoted work family, endless creativity and all the late-night parties.”

The Magic of the Milk Punch: When cloudy liquid runs clear

“There’s something magical and very cool (or maybe I’m just very simple!) about taking this absolute mess of a liquid and through the clarification/milk-washing process ending up with a silky and plush liquid that can be a finished drink or an ingredient in another drink. It’s also an easy way to wow your guests…” – Darren Leany, Capitano