Gary Regan

a world renowned drinks writer from New York. He is responsible for such books as The Bartenders Bible and The Joy of Mixology. He has also contributed to many publications; writing drinks columns for The San Francisco Chronicle, The Malt Advocate, and The Wine Enthusiast, to mention a few. Gary also regularly appears in our very own Australian Bartender magazine on his Cocktailian page.

Gaz Regan: A Boston Boozer for Brother Cleve

I was in Boston a couple of months back, attending the Boston Cocktail Summit. It was a grand affair that culminated, from my point of view, in me being roasted, Friars Club-style, by some of my best friends in the business. They were far too kind to me.

Cocktailian: When is bespoke too bespoke?

I keep a file of cocktail recipes sent to me by bartenders that I deem worthy of testing. The testing, however, is becoming more and more time consuming, simply because few bartenders in this second decade of the 21st century are content to use only readily available ingredients in their drinks.

Cocktailian: For a pauper or a prince

Salvatore Calabrese is one of the world’s finest bartenders, and I say that from dealing with the man himself – for a couple of decades – and from knowing many bartenders he has trained over the years.

Cocktailian: the art of the artichoke

By Gaz Regan. “What do you like to mix with Cynar?” fellow cocktail scribe Warren Bobrow, who writes for the likes of and the Williams-Sonoma blog, asked me recently. And I had to admit that I’d never really fooled around with this Italian aperitif/digestif. It wasn’t entirely off my radar, though.

Gary Regan – Parisian Chic

A few weeks ago I was in the City of Light for just one night, and I was told to try the drinks at Candelaria. The place is nestled at the back of a taco shop, it packs an earthy vibe, and the drinks there are top-notch. I gave the bartenders at Candelaria a little test, and they passed with flying colors.

Gary Regan – Cocktailian

I was in the middle of reviewing the recipes that have been sent to me during the year when I came across a cluster of drinks submitted by the good folk at Rickhouse in San Francisco.

Path of the Bartender: Ichigo Ichie

When Stan Vadrna applied to come to one of my Cocktails in the Country workshops in 2005–that’s the year that my jumbled records indicate–he told me that the reason he wanted to join the class was because, and I quote, “Knowledge is God.” And Stan Vadrna is certainly a guy with a huge thirst for knowledge.

Path of the Bartender: What have you done for someone else lately?

You can also think about giving money to that homeless guy that you pass on the street every day. And if you do that, do yourself a big favor–look into his eyes and ask him how he’s doing. Then wait, and actually listen to his answer. You might be surprised at how rewarding this can be.

The Path of the Bartender: You Should Shut Up

Did you notice how much that sentence annoyed you? Try this one: You should be nicer to people. Or hows about this: You should get a new job. Those statements really piss people off, right? Even when they offer good advice.

The Path of the Bartender: How Very Dare You? by gaz regan

As bartenders, though, if we can do our best not to get upset, we’ll be doing ourselves, our bosses, and our customers, a huge favor. Remember that the bartender is the one person in the bar that everyone counts on. If we lose it, if we fail to understand what’s going down, if we get irrational, or out of control in any way, shape, or form, then we’re not doing our job properly.