Free BBO FIT kicks off today at 10am AEST live on Insta!

BBO FIT is a 6 week program which screens live on IGTV at 10am Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays. BBO FIT is a free tool for all hospitality staff worldwide. Our aim is to help bartenders and other industry legends to keep fit during lock down

Piccolo Bar Kings Cross open for takeaway

“This new incarnation of the Piccolo as an aperitivo bar and diner provides something different for the area. We are focussing on a simple list of classics, aromatised wines, vermouth and amari; that’s not something you see around here and we think it fills a niche.”

Meet Bouvardia: A new Melbourne bar focussed on rethinking hospitality

“You won’t see anything on our drinks program that resembles a ‘classic cocktail’ – we are rebuilding and reimagining the template that modern bartenders use to construct drinks. If I can articulate it bluntly, Bouvardia is hyper creativity and being freed from the assumption of what a bar should be.” – Dom Garreffa, Operator