RE – the regenerative bar by Matt Whiley & Maurice Terzini opens today and boasts a stellar bar team

Joining Whiley behind the bar are some of the city’s best bartenders, including Evan Stroeve (Bulletin Place), Jake Downe (This Must Be The Place; Scout London) and Ho Song (Cantina OK; PS40). Apart from the exceptional level of service they will bring, the crew have creative license to work on the “Re- search” drinks…

Sweet&Chilli looking for a senior consultant

This role involves leading the consultancy department across a number of projects for Sweet&Chilli, collaborating across a number of departments; Atypical (Hotel and property consultancy), Diageo Bar Academy, Diageo Brand Ambassadors, Cocktail Porter and S&C Studio.

Naren Young urges you to keep your glassware as cold AF

‘What’s not romantic is waiting twenty minutes for a drink while the bartender has to fumble around for six different bottles. My goal is to get drinks into people’s hands as quickly as possible without sacrificing any quality, which is a win win for everyone.’

Wowee Zowee: Mornington has a new bar!

“We smash out a heap of cocktails from sweet to the classic,” says Clint Hyndman. “Most importantly there’s plenty of bar banter soundtracked by rocking tracks from the 60’s & 70’s. We’re all about a good time!”