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Rum Diary Fight Night to raise Movember funds

This Fight Night was especially important to us as it was our Movember edition. Mental health has been a huge part of everyone’s lives over the last couple of years and the hospitality world has felt this especially.” – Jacob Goss

The Southside: A minty gin spring sensation

The mellow gin from the north was mixed with ginger ale in a cocktail called the ‘Northside’, while Capone’s less palatable gin needed citrus, mint and sugar to balance the flavour. The drink was then christened the ‘Southside’.

Vintage booze: Do you need some in your bar? Asks Jono Carr

Bar manager of Will’s and Mimi’s in Coogee, Antonello Arzedi, himself a gentleman known for giving incredible service, maintains a range of vintage products in his bars. Saying that the main idea behind this was to be able to offer multiple layers of service to enhance the guest experience.