Explainer: here’s a primer to champagne

This is the time of year where the punters start letting their hair down, and there's no more celebratory a drink than champagne, right? Here's your primer to the most ritzy of wines. Most champagne you’ll...

Explainer: WTF is sherry, anyway?

Everything old is new again at some point. That’s why the 50’s roared back with a resurgence in all things rockabilly, why disco drinks have made a comeback — with a healthy dash of irony — and why David Ha...

What makes a good bartender great?

Steve Schneider, Tom Walker, and Shingo Gokan tell us what makes a good bartender great What makes a good bartender great? Back at the start of the month we sat down with three fine bartenders on the sideli...
Tomas Estes talks tequila terroir.

The Explainer: Tomas Estes talks Tequila terroir

We were lucky enough to catch Tomas Estes’ session on tequila terroir at Agave Love back in March, and he illuminated how the geography and geology of the Highlands and the Tequila Valley influence the agaves grown there.

The Explainer: just what is terroir all about?

The textbook idea of what is terroir is this: with wine, it means that there is a sense of place that you can taste in the wine. That sense of place is derived from the soil, the climate, the aspect upon which the vineyard sits, the slope of the vineyard, and the yeast culture of the place.