VIDEO: The Exchange launches The Healthy Bartender Project

Now more than ever it is important to be having the conversation about mental health and wellbeing in our industry. The Exchange are excited to announce the launch of The Healthy Bartender Project – where Brand Ambassadors are now able to provide workshops, tools and resources that put staff health and wellness in the spotlight.

VIDEO: How to make Old Mate’s Pea & Pear Shrub

For this month’s photoshoot we headed to Old Mate’s Place in Sydney’s Clarence Street. With Dre Walters and Dan Noble leading the charge this is a joint that is serious about its cocktailing. This drink features their house-made labour of love the Pea & Pear Shrub. Noble says: “The drink is a light, effervescent delight. The perfect cocktail for the spritz lover in all of us.”

Two more Melbourne entries: A dog and a dinosaur onesie

Today we have videos from two more Melbourne venues so make sure you get behind the Melbourne bar peeps and tune in to their little cocktail making sessions in our 60 Second Cocktail Challenge. Today we have a onesie and a dog.