Here’s how Luke Whearty and Singapore’s most creative bar develops ideas

Whearty has built an international reputation for himself and his bar, which, we’re confident to say, looks unlike any other bar in the world. Whearty’s approach and drinks are innovative, earning Operation Dagger a spot at number 21 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list and taking out the title of Singapore’s most creative bar at the 2016 Singapore Bar Awards. Here, he talks to Sam Bygrave about creativity, the drink-making process, and the ideas underpinning Operation Dagger.

Here’s how you make the classic Stay Up Late

You can grow tired of drinking Martini’s (a hard feat, but it’s possible), and if you’re a bar like The Barber Shop in Sydney which specialises in gin, features gin in each of its cocktails, and is all gin all the time, you have to find ways of catering to customers for whom gin might not necessarily be a favourite.