Ingredient: dry vermouth

Dry Martini recipe: a brief introduction to this king of cocktails

The Dry Martini recipe is an essential spec to know. It’s the drink that made Hemingway’s protagonist feel “civilised,” in A Farewell To Arms: “The sandwiches came and I ate three and drank a couple more martinis. I had never tasted anything so cool and clean,” he writes.

The Mineral House Cocktail at Walter’s

Developed by bar manager Brendon Osmers (you may remember him from his numerous Top 8 finishes in the Bartender of the Year), the Mineral House Cocktail is a drink that uses its classic proportions to pack in layer upon layer of flavour.

The Black Thorn.

This Black Thorn is all about Irish whiskey

A good drop of the Irish — something with a bit of weight to it — is ideal for mixing. Not as big in the mix as rye, nor as smoky as some Scotch, Irish whiskey hits that Goldilocks quotient of being ‘just right’, as it is here in the Black Thorn.

The Parisienne Cocktail

The Parisienne cocktail is sourced from the 1929 edition of Harry’s McElhone’s Harry’s ABC of Cocktails, according to Wondrich it was likely served throughout the 1920s at Harry’s New York Bar. The original blend was an unpalatable mix of equal parts gin, vermouth and crème de cassis but in the 1930s, Frank Meier of the nearby Ritz, amended the drink by cutting the cassis to just a barspoon.