Ingredient: Peychaud’s Bitters

Get the recipe for Maybe Sammy’s Bonanza

The drinks at Maybe Sammy: they all pack in the flavour, they’re all a little different, and they all go down a treat — like this Bonanza here.

Get the PS40 recipe for their drink, Criss-Croissant (Will Make You Jump)

PS40 is the Sydney bar with a reputation for drinks you’re unlikely to see in any other bar; they employ a range of techniques to serve up flavours you’re not expecting — and they do it all with a sense of irreverence and cheek. Here, we’ve got the recipe for their drink, Criss-Croissant (Will Make You Jump).

The New Pal

The New Pal recipe from Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

This New Pal recipe comes from the Absinthe Brasserie & Bar in San Francisco. Their New Pal employs a couple of old skool additions like a dash of Herbsaint (we’ve used absinthe) and Peychuad’s bitters. Like the Boulevardier, Hollinger and Schwartz have favoured sweet vermouth over dry, but opted for a straight rye whiskey as opposed to Canadian. Adding a dash of absinthe to a cocktail is a decidedly 19th century trait but the New Pal refreshes MacElhone’s recipe by citing resurging popular ingredients (at least amongst bartenders) namely the rye whiskey component.

Dale DeGroff's Sazerac

Dale DeGroff’s Sazerac

Like Bourbon Street, Jazz and Creole cooking, the Sazerac cocktail is quintessentially New Orleans. Supposedly…