Hidden Perfection
  1. Combine cold ingredients over a large ice block in a rocks glass.
  2. Garnish with white spring blossoms.
Recipe Notes

This was one of Rohan’s winning AGCC cocktails.

For the Banana wine:

Combine 1.2kg of banana peel and combine flesh with 0.5g amylase and blend into a puree texture.

Cook sous vide at 65 degrees for three hours. Let cool to 38 degrees or lower. Add 3g pectinase mix and rest mixture for 1 hour.

Hang in chinois with 100 micron oil filter until juice is extracted. Add 50% of the mixture’s weight of filtered water.


Add 40g yeast sachet. 0.5 bsp yeast nutrient. Combine all and ferment under air lock for 3-4 days.

Rack off clarified liquid. Bottle in sterilised 750ml wine bottles. Ferment for a further 4 days.

Store in cool room.