Yuzu Milk Punch
  1. Combine all cold ingredients in a container. Add warm milk and allow to cool. Let mixture sit for at least 6 hours. Drip through in the fridge overnight. Once strained, bottle. Makes a 1 litre batch.
  2. To serve pour 100ml directly in a glass over high density ice.
Recipe Notes

Adapted from a recipe by Kate McGraw, Isabel, Bondi.

For the white chocolate Tanqueray:
• 500g Tanqueray gin
• 150g caramelised white chocolate
• 5g toasted wattle seed powder

Dry toast 5g of wattle seeds. Crush in the spice crusher. Heat oven to 125 degrees. Scatter white chocolate over a sheet pan. Put in the oven. Every 10 minutes move around with a palate knife so that it heats evenly. After 50 minutes, remove from oven. This must be added to the gin whilst still hot.
For the wattle milk:
• 1000g milk
• 10g toasted wattle crushed
• 125g white chocolate

Place all milk, white chocolate and 2.5g wattle in a saucepan. Blast with heat until milk begins to bubble along the edges. Reduce temperature straight away to medium-low and wait for skin to form. Run a knife around the edge of the pan to separate skin from the sides. Press a canola sprayed sheet of baking paper on top of the skin to lift. Add next 2.5g of wattle and repeat process. Once all wattle has been used, keep milk warm until ready for milk punch.

For the lime leaf syrup:
• 60g lime leaf
• 1100g water
• 600g raw sugar
Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until combined. Sit under vacuum for 6 hours before straining.