Passion In The Heat Of The Night
  1. Swizzle in your favourite Tiki mug, garnish with passionfruit husk and fresh honeycomb.
Recipe Notes

This is a twist on Don the Beachcomber’s Waikiki cocktail.

For the lacto passionfruit honey:
• 300g passionfruit pulp
• 300g yoghurt whey
• the husks of two passionfruit
• honey
• 0.5 bsp orange blossom water

Combine passionfruit pulp, yoghurt whey and passionfruit husks in vac bags, pump and seal. Leave in warm room out of direct sunlight for approximately 5 days or until bag is swollen and firm. Strain out all ingredients. Weigh and combine mixture with orange blossom water and equal parts by weight honey.