The Millionaire Cocktail #1 will have you feeling a million bucks

Sloe gin and apricot brandy are ingredients that have been touched on in the pages of Australian Bartender magazine more than a couple of times, but let’s hammer the message home again; they’re made for cracking cocktails and the Millionaire Cocktail is one we’re sure you’ll count as one of these.

The Millionaire Cocktail will have you feeling like, well, somewhere close to a million bucks. Containing five ingredients this drink receipt is inordinately complicated for The Savoy. Like many recipes found within its pages though, the Millionaire Cocktail #1 (or #4 if you prefer) is comprised of equal parts of its liquor constituents.

Ted Haigh argues that this will result in an overly sweet mix, but if you use a dash of real grenadine (made from fresh pomegranate juice and sugar) and ensure that you add an equal part of lime juice you’ll find that the beverage is surprisingly balanced.

Still too sweet? Try Bayswater Brasserie’s recommendation and throw in a dash of bitters, sit back, sip it and feel like a Million bucks.

The Millionaire Cocktail #1
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The Millionaire Cocktail #1

  1. Add all ingredients to a shaker. Fill with ice and shake as if seven demons were goading to it.

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