Pineapple Julep

We’ve taken some liberties here with this drink, but it was hard for us to pass it by — it’s got pineapple in it, goddamn it, which must have made it something of a luxury in Ohio back in the day. (Cincinnati sits on the Ohio river, as Ted Haigh points out in his introduction to the reprint we own, which means there would have been plenty of trading passing through its ports).

We’ve used a simple sparkling wine for this recipe (though for Lawlor, only sparkling Mosellle wine would do), and served it up as a single serve; Lawlor intended this to be a welcoming bowl of drink, served punch style, with the pineapple cut up and sitting in the drink.

Pineapple Julep
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Pineapple Julep

  1. Muddle the pineapple, shake with other ingredients and ice, strain on crushed ice.
  2. Garnish with berries in season and pineapple.
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