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That’s why we can’t have nice things…

Recently one of the big banks ran an advertising campaign praising the honesty of average Australians. A characteristic I’ve observed myself. Handing in a wallet, returning a lost pet, pointing out being undercharged for an item of clothing—most people (in my experience) do the right thing when given the opportunity. However, I’d dearly like to know why some otherwise upstanding, law-abiding members of the community dispense with all propriety while in bars and restaurants.

Alcoholics Synonymous: when tasting drinks goes too far

By Nick Reed. A recent conversation with a difficult customer has been playing on my mind. The main point of contention with the woman in question was the fact that my head bartender was not straw tasting every one of his drinks as he sent them over the bar. She asked me whether he thought of himself as some sort of cocktail god. For the sake of conflict resolution I obviously did not justify this comment with an answer however what I really wanted to say went something like this. “No, I believe he’s just an accomplished bartender who can execute the same simple recipe over and over without tasting the drink every single time.” Oh if only.

World Cocktail Week Events Heating Up!

Thursday May 6 officially marks the beginning of World Cocktail Week – the week in which the cocktail loving world will celebrate the 204th anniversary of our favourite drink category being defined in print.

So What is World Cocktail Week Anyway?

With the 204th anniversary of the cocktail fast approaching 4bars.com.au thought it was apt to tell the story of the cocktail’s first definition in print and why we celebrate May 6 – 13 as World Cocktail Week.

‘Walk for Haiti’ Charity Cocktail Event

On 6 May, 2010 Melbourne’s hidden bar community will be recreating ‘forgotten classics’ to raise money for disaster stuck Haiti with their ‘Walk for Haiti’ charity cocktail event.

Most Influential Top 50 Announced

The votes are in for Bartender magazine’s Most Influential List in association with Diageo’s Alchemy. Read on to find out the who made the Top 50 based on your trade votes…

Sebastian Reaburn’s First Book – 1806’s Complete Cocktails

As if opening your own bar, winning the ‘Best Cocktail List in the World’ award and being the 2008 Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year wasn’t enough. Now Sebastian Reaburn can add the title of author to his very impressive CV. Reaburn has released his first book, Complete Cocktails, a light?hearted how?to for producing top end cocktails at home.