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Diner drinks and live music at Adelaide’s Jack Ruby

A touch of Americana has come to Adelaide in the guise of Jack Ruby. Not the putz who assassinated the guy who assassinated JFK — but a bar that takes it’s cues from the great culture of diner food in the States, from New Orleans to the Midwest, Texas and California.

A layover drink in Adelaide

Staying in the city of churches need not be a time of quiet reflection: you’re likely only to see reflections in the bottom of an empty glass — and one that won’t stay empty for long. There are great bars we found all within walking distance of the city centre — and more on the way…

Are you being served?

At the start of each year you come across articles in industry magazines or websites focusing on trends for the next 12 months that lay ahead. They normally ask some well known bartenders what they think will be “the big thing” and in the past we have seen molecular mixology, barrel aging, bottled cocktails, bourbon, rye, gin, rye again…. and so on.

Cantina Sociale – not just another wine bar

One thing that is inescapable in Adelaide is wine. It’s everywhere, and it’s little wonder given the rich, plentiful supply they have in them there Hills surrounding the city. So the advent of a new wine bar might be a little pedestrian; does Adealide need another wine bar? Well Cantina Sociale does things a little differently.