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Does size matter? How big is your glass?

I constantly hear winemakers, wine writers and wine lovers refer to a wine’s ‘size’. Full-bodied to lean, heavy to light, the list of size related adjectives used to describe a glass of wine goes on and on.

But what does it all mean, and why is it important to understand?

Alcoholics Synonymous: when tasting drinks goes too far

By Nick Reed. A recent conversation with a difficult customer has been playing on my mind. The main point of contention with the woman in question was the fact that my head bartender was not straw tasting every one of his drinks as he sent them over the bar. She asked me whether he thought of himself as some sort of cocktail god. For the sake of conflict resolution I obviously did not justify this comment with an answer however what I really wanted to say went something like this. “No, I believe he’s just an accomplished bartender who can execute the same simple recipe over and over without tasting the drink every single time.” Oh if only.

Simon’s Picks… Proof Blog

Sitting at a computer all day I do have the luxury of being able to do things like read the New York Times online which has proved to be an inspiration on a number of fronts. Towards the end of last year, for instance, I came across a blog on the site called Proof : Alcohol and American Life…

London Update… Doctor’s Orders

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown isn’t exactly flavour of the month around here. Before he moved his chair behind the big desk at 10 Downing Street, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer and pretty much everyone is blaming his policies, past and present, for the God-awful state of our economy.