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Amaro Montenegro: The Distillery Tour

In a small tasting room in the middle of the factory floor, we are treated to a tasting of the range, everything from the full range of Vecchia Romagna (including the relatively Riserva Anniversario – a unique blend of old and new brandies the youngest of which had spent 23 years in oak) but with a big focus on the Amaro Montenegro.

Amaro Montenegro announces the return of the Vero Bartender 2019

There is less than a week left to enter the Vero Bartender 2019. Vero Bartender is a coveted honour, awarded at the national and global finals to bartenders who passionately pursue their craft to create the most inventive and unique sharing cocktails using Amaro Montenegro.

A bitter Italian; Amaro Montenegro takes on Brisbane

Amari are bitter-sweet Italian digestifs and while they are not to everyone’s liking, there are a few bar industry folks that are obsessed with these flavoursome, old-school gems. We asked Jackson Thornton, Amaro Montenegro’s Australian brand ambassador some questions about his brand and the craft spirits industry in general.