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Amari: The Bartender’s Bittersweet Symphony

‘Amaro’ means bitter in Italian (‘amari’ is the plural), and covers an incredibly wide category of bitter herbal liqueurs made by steeping botanicals in spirits or wine, and adding sugar. Amari were originally made by monks and thought to be medicinal (where would we be without those tonic-touting monks?! Living in a much less flavourful world, that’s for sure).

The bittersweet stuff: all about amari

There is one key botanical that rules them all, though, and without which we don’t think you can call your aromatised wine vermouth: wormwood.


Frost is a drink by Zack Morgan created for Jagermeister, and there’s plenty of interest…

Whiskey Amaro Sour

Here’s a Whiskey Sour with a difference — a good measure of Amaro di Angostura gives the palate length and most importantly, a load of character. This recipe is one we picked up from James Irvine of Shady Pines Saloon.

Eeyore’s Requiem

Here’s a drink that sounds terrifying on paper: how much bitter can you throw at…

A bitter Italian; Amaro Montenegro takes on Brisbane

Amari are bitter-sweet Italian digestifs and while they are not to everyone’s liking, there are a few bar industry folks that are obsessed with these flavoursome, old-school gems. We asked Jackson Thornton, Amaro Montenegro’s Australian brand ambassador some questions about his brand and the craft spirits industry in general.