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The bittersweet stuff: all about amari

There is one key botanical that rules them all, though, and without which we don’t think you can call your aromatised wine vermouth: wormwood.


Frost is a drink by Zack Morgan created for Jagermeister, and there’s plenty of interest…

Whiskey Amaro Sour

Here’s a Whiskey Sour with a difference — a good measure of Amaro di Angostura gives the palate length and most importantly, a load of character. This recipe is one we picked up from James Irvine of Shady Pines Saloon.

Eeyore’s Requiem

Here’s a drink that sounds terrifying on paper: how much bitter can you throw at…

A bitter Italian; Amaro Montenegro takes on Brisbane

Amari are bitter-sweet Italian digestifs and while they are not to everyone’s liking, there are a few bar industry folks that are obsessed with these flavoursome, old-school gems. We asked Jackson Thornton, Amaro Montenegro’s Australian brand ambassador some questions about his brand and the craft spirits industry in general.