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Parched March good times roll on

As Parched March 2013 heads into its third week, the good times are rolling and the Parched March cocktails are flowing at the unique Sydney charity bar odyssey’s 76 participating bars.

Drink up for Parched March 2013

Bars, dogs, drinks and a month of good times for a good cause: Parched March has kicked off for its fourth year. Once again, Sydney’s bars have whole-heartedly supported the city’s annual charity bar odyssey, joining long-time supporters such as The Keystone Group and Hugo’s.

30 Bars in One Day and still marching on

As Parched March kicks into its second half, founder Amy Cooper reports from the front line of good times for a good cause

Each year, like a fine wine, Parched March improves – and in 2012 our annual month-long celebration of Sydney’s bars has blossomed into quite a party. Events, people, amazing drinks and an extraordinary marathon.

Parched March in Full Swing

Parched March, Sydney’s only month long celebration of bars and drinks is off to a flying start in 2011. The charity bar odyssey has upped the ante this year by finding all new ways for bars and punters alike to get involved, and the press has been paying attention. The idea has been embraced by the blogging community and mainstream press alike being featured in Sun Herald’s S section, Mx, Nine to Five magazine, The Agenda Daily, as well as 2SER and FBI radio

Parched March Returns

Feed-up with Feb-fast? Over October? Time to say bye to Dry July? Well you’re in luck as Parched March, Sydney’s only month-long celebration of bar culture is back – the perfect antidote to abstinence.