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Swillhouse launches SWILL: A magazine with interesting stories about extraordinary people

“Ever been curious to know what the saddest bar in Portugal is? Where you can drink 50 year old coffee in Ginza? Why more people don’t cook with roosters, or what Tim Rogers orders in a Chinese restaurant? Swill has the answers, all captured within 180 beautifully photographed and illustrated pages.” – Myffy Rigby, Editor SWILL

Frankie’s Pizza

From the guys, formerly known as the Shady Pines lads, previously known as the guys from Baxter Inn, and perhaps now more easily referred to as the Swillhouse group, comes Frankie’s Pizza.

Open your own bar!

Every bartender worth his tips has at some point thought about opening their own bar – be it a cocktail bar, dive bar or gin joint, the urge to open something you can call your own is often what keeps us going through all the late nights, double shifts and vomiting drunks (the tequila helps, too).