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Bali beckons for Aussie operators

The guys from Bondi’s The Bucket List must have taken a shining to Bali, as they are opening a new bar there, Motel Mexicola. But, as David Spanton points, there can be complications that arise doing business in Bali.

Bogans & bars in the land of the gods

Bali is truly an international destination. It attracts visitors from all over the world including huge numbers of Japanese, Russians, Dutch, and French and of course Australians – unfortunately the latter don’t have the best reputation due to their well-deserved trouble making ways (at least try saying you’re a Kiwi if your having trouble getting into a club). Think planeloads of bogan Bathurst 100 supporters and Jim Beam & Cola Can drinkers all wearing Bintang shirts and braded hair running amuck. That’s our typical Aussie visitor.