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Barry Chalmers & Leeroy Petersen on Ready, Steady, Cook

It might be a dreary, wintery Tuesday, but there’s nothing like a little competitive cooking show fun to brighten your day.

Leeroy “just like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail” Petersen and Barry “round of applause for the beard” Chalmers square off in the bloodsport that is Ready Steady Cook.

Chalmers to Baxter Inn; McGoram goes to Reserve

Barry Chalmers, Reserve’s brand ambassador for New South Wales, has accepted a training role with the Swillhouse group, with Bartender’s Drinks Editor Simon McGoram replacing him.

Eau-De-Vie, Sydney

Well it’s here and it’s making waves: Eau-De-Vie, the bar by the dynamic duo Sven and Amber Almenning, has already been subject to rave consumer reviews – and you thought it would just be an industry bar!

Most Influential Top 50 Announced

The votes are in for Bartender magazine’s Most Influential List in association with Diageo’s Alchemy. Read on to find out the who made the Top 50 based on your trade votes…