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Paper Plane recipe: take flight with this Sam Ross classic

The Paper Plane recipe is a drink that we’ve seen on menus from Paris to Perth. It’s a drink that Ross developed for Chicago bar The Violet Hour in 2007, and the beauty of this drink is that it is — like some of the world’s best — an equal parts drink.

Think Spirits take on Evan Williams bourbons

Think Spirits has had a cracking year in 2013, and they’re not done just yet. They’ve announced that they are taking on board the popular Evan Williams range of bourbons.

Four Wood comes to the fore

We’ve been big fans of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection recently and they’ve added to the range with this Four Wood Bourbon. The aim is to have each type of wood used in production discernible in the end product, according to Master Distiller Chris Morris.

Who boasts the best bourbons?

For bourbon to be labelled as such, US regulations state that it must be distilled to not more than 160-proof from a fermented mash of not less than 51 per cent corn and stored in charred new oak. But this still leaves a lot of room for different styles, as were to find out with the line-up of bourbons here.

Rock & Rye: helping you to help yourself (and here’s how)

At its simplest, Rock and Rye was little more than rye whiskey, its edges rounded out by a little rock candy syrup. Indeed, that was how Harry Johnson prescribed it in his 1882 Bartender’s Manual. It was a simple preparation: the barkeep only needed to place a whiskey glass in front of the customer, pour in some rock candy syrup, place a spoon in the glass, and “hand the bottle of Rye whiskey to the customer, to help himself.”

The WSJ’s Bourbon Mania & the global demand for booze

In a sign of growing interest in bourbon and in quality spirits generally, Josh Ozersky writes in the Wall Street Journal that as demand for artisanal products has exploded, brands like Pappy Van Winkle — spurred on by ringing endorsements from celebrity chefs — are increasingly hard to find. And they are increasingly expensive.

Drinks With… David Chang

David Chang, legendary chef behind New York’s celebrated Momofuku Noodle Bar and Sydney’s own three hat restaurant Momofuku Seiobo was recently in Sydney for the launch of The Bulleit Speak Easy Series and Bulleit rye. We got to have a chat with him about Americana, letting chefs serve customers, bourbon and who the hell would want to drink pickle juice.

CLASSIC: The Avenue

April’s issue of Australian Bartender magazine saw a couple of bartenders submit variations on a superb ‘forgotten classic’ known as – you guessed it – The Avenue.