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Campari Group announces the global expansion of the Campari Academy with Monica Berg at its helm

The global platform will be a space for the international bartending community to connect and discuss news and trends, share ideas and goals, and grow their own professional network. This in turn will be supported by the local Campari Academy network that will coordinate on the ground activations and networking opportunities for communities in their region. 

The Campari Academy 2021, the year so far…

It has been even more incredible for us at the CAMPARI ACADEMY to be able to kick off 2021 with our ‘The Spritz Explained’ & ‘Mai Tai (R)evolution’ Training Programs, and for the first time since 2019, being able to host our Masterclasses around Australia.

Register now for the Campari Academy new website!

The Campari Academy’s new website has a refreshed look for the Winners of Bar program from 2019, with an easy way to RSVP to trainings and masterclasses, plus exclusive access to educational material from past sessions.

Meet the team behind the Campari Academy

We are taking this opportunity to let you learn a bit more about the characters leading our Campari Academy: Luca Baioni, Tristram Fini, and Jay Lambert.