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First Look: new Sydney rum bar, The Lobo Plantation

It feels as those every other week we’re writing about a new bar opening up in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The latest bar to hit the CBD — The Lobo Plantation —promises plenty of good eats and most importantly, rum.

“Julius Lobo was a sugar baron who owned about 17 or 19 sugar mills in Cuba in the early 1900s,” said Jared Merlino (ex-Ivy Pool Club), one of the owners of the new venture. “So he sort of defined that era in Cuba when Americans were coming down during Prohibition. Then it came to an end when the revolution came through and kicked him off the island,” he said.

Sydney CBD drinking takes a voodoo twist

“The CBD scene has come a long way,” said Lara Dignam (Red Lantern), one part of a trio opening new voodoo-inspired Sydney small bar, Papa Gedes. Aiming to open in August, the bar takes its cues from a rich vein of voodoo taken from the Bond film Live and Let Die, New Orleans and Haiti.

“Papa Gedes is a voodoo spirit of lust and laughter,” said Dignam. She’s joined in the new bar by Michael Dhinse (ex-Grasshopper, Grandma’s) who, having worked at these two city small bars has a wealth of experience to draw on

Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place has been a breath of fresh air in the Sydney CBD thanks to the focus on fresh produce — their five strong list of cocktails is determined by what is the best fruit at the market each day. It’s an approach that chefs have taken for some time, as bartender and co-owner Tim Philips will tell you.

Mojo Record Bar

Though vinyl records have gone the way of the dodo, Walkmans, and car-phones, there will always be a place for intimate bars where you can get a good drink with good service. It’s not rocket science and Mojo Record Bar doesn’t over-complicate things.