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Get a look at Chula’s Carrot Milk Punch recipe

We love the look of the winter cocktail list at Sydney Mexican restaurant and bar, Chula, and one of our favourite drinks on the list reads a little strange but tastes great: their Carrot Milk Punch.

The Chula Margarita

Reece Griffiths finds the regular Tommy’s Margarita a touch sweet, because of the agave syrup…

Here’s an essential Horchata recipe from Sydney’s Chula

This Horchata recipe makes a Mexican non-alcoholic beverage that you’ll find on street carts all over the place — it’s a creamy drink without dairy, perfect for spiking with a drop or five of mezcal, if you ask us.

Try this recipe from Sydney bar Chula: the Bambú

The Bambú is a drink that’s a little lighter in the booze quotient, and combines aromatised wines with mezcal and the new bartending ingredient du jour, Italicus Rosolio de Bergamotto.