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Two cocktails and a swag of ciders for your summer

Summer means that the annual boom in cider sales is upon us. Although it still accounts for just a small part of overall alcohol consumption in Australia, it is certainly on the way up, and ticks all the boxes of summer drinking: crisp, refreshing, sessionable stuff that will take you from the sunny afternoon to the stormy summer evening.

Cider, tax and politics

Boring stuff, right? But wherever booze is there’s someone looking to make money from it, someone wanting to tax it, and someone looking to find ways they can sell more of it. Yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald carried a story about calls from the Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia to change the way alcohol is taxed — which would see ciders attracting a higher tax rate than they do now.

Masterclass – Cider Rules

It’s no secret that at present the cider market is experiencing the giddy heights of popularity, but just how giddy? Well take a look at some of these numbers courtesy of the 2011 Nielsen Cider Report: national cider sales increased 34.7% in value terms and 23.2% in volume terms over in 12 months, this was set against an annual decrease of 0.5% that the liquor market is experiencing. The cider category on a whole is also growing rapidly, with some 45+ new cider brands emerging into the Australian market over the last 12-14 months.