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Find work in a bar that aims for excellence, says Naren Young

I encourage constant training and revision of whatever the most popular 50-100 cocktails are in your particular city and at all my bars over the years, this has been the very foundation for all other drinks. Without a grounding in the classics, you can’t, or shouldn’t, be attempting avant garde drinks that are poorly executed.

Classic: Perfecting the Pousse Cafe

Q.F.s, B52s and Slippery Nipples were some of the first drinks I learnt behind the bar whilst pouring pints at a beer barn in south-eastern England. What I wasn’t aware of at the time was that I was making a Parisian café drink popular in mid-19th century America.

Classic: The Parisian

The team here at Bartender never shy away from a recommendation from the esteemed palate of Mr David Wondrich.