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A drink for the hacks: The Journalist

It’s a tough time for journalists — the old media world is in tumult, print mastheads that have for many decades made the news have now become the news themselves. They could do with a drink, and this one has their name all over it.

Soyer au Champagne: an old-fashioned and boozy Spider

Ever missed being able to order a Coke Spider? Here’s a drink that’s similar, but a little more refined — heck, the name translates from French to Silk with Champagne. It doesn’t get more refined than that (at least as far as sugary drinks go).

Champagne didn’t always effervesce. Though the area had become known for as a place of some quality, the wine it produced was “light, pinkish still wines made from the pinot noir grape”. Eventually, though, these wines came to be overshadowed by their sparkling successors.

Classic: Martinez

No one really knows who invented the Martinez. Big shock there. Some say it’s named for a guy called Martinez who whipped together some gin and vermouth. Others credit it to the Granddaddy of all things bartending, the Professor Jerry Thomas who created it for a fella who travelled to Martinez, California every day.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic on sale now

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is on again this year (May 17—21 2013); those keen on going ought to set an alarm, as tickets for the event go on sale Friday March 15th at 12pm EDT in the US (which is 3am Saturday 16th AEST).

Classic: East India Cocktail

Queen Victoria was one memorable monarch. She might not be a picture of beauty, but Victoria’s reign as Queen of the United Kingdom stretched for over 63 years – the longest of any British monarch and the longest of any female monarch in history.


Classic: Toreador

Tequila. I love it. You love it. Heck, even punters are coming around to its agave spirit goodness be it sipped neat or quaffed in mixed drinks. But for a long time tequila has been viewed as a bit of a one trick pony when it comes to cocktails.

Classic: Between the Sheets

“Stronger than its kissing cousin the Sidecar and almost as smooth, though without the Sidecar’s peculiar magic” – David Wondrich

Classic: Michelada

We’re probably a month or two early.I mean it’s only just broken spring and dishing you out perhaps one of the best summer, heat- crushing, beverages for man or beast might seem a little premature.

Classic: The Fanciulli Cocktail

This long lost pre-prohibition cocktail is something of a doozy. It’s a simple mix, and delightfully so, but how it jazzes up the classic Manhattan is something akin to a quick-step military march.

CLASSIC:The Scofflaw Cocktail

The Scofflaw Cocktail, is a concoction that has disappeared off the radar a bit, but is certainly a tipple worthy of a whirl. Fortunately the origins and formula of this drink are no secret. It was first compounded at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, 1924, during the height of American Prohibition. Ironically, if it wasn’t for a ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages this drink may have never existed.