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Cocktail Experiment: Gin

Go through a door emblazoned with vinyl records and down into the basement of 73 York Street and you’ll find a record store and this cracking bar. Records line the wall, red covers the banquettes and the team behind the bar are some of the rockingest bartenders around.

Cocktail Experiment: Aromatic bitters

Aromatic bitters: it is a trickier category for tastings than most, and requires a little more experience as bartender than do other drinks categories. Just as well we were at the Hazy Rose, in Darlinghurst. We sourced a surprise for this the issue, with the Hazy Rose crew among the first bartenders in Australia to get their hands on the Dale DeGroff Pimento Bitters.

Brisbane’s Botanical Bliss

After last month’s success with the cocktail experiment over in Western Australia, we thought we’d look to save our frequent flyer points and get the teams from Sling and Salon Lounge (Brisbane) to take care of this one! Seriously though, it still takes a bit of work to organise from interstate, but this month’s gin-mad experiment couldn’t have been managed without the all round help and support of Matthew Colliard, Salon’s General Manager.

Absinthe V Absinth

Absinthe – just the word can turn people away from a drink, running like crazed Parisian artists through the streets to be never seen again. But what are they missing out on? Well a good Sazerac for a start, a wonderfully rich cocktail, an elegant mix of power and finesse. Absinthe or Absinth when used in the right proportions can be a stellar additive to a cocktail, it can be the seasoning that makes it just right, that subtle bite that gives the drink a lick of the devilish and has you coming back for more.

Shady Pines Saloon takes on Scotch & Malt Whisky

Not far removed from a hidden whisky smugglers bothy, Shady Pines eeks out it’s existence in a backstreet on the corner of Crown and Oxford Street, Sydney and is developing a cult following all week round.