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Wintry, beery goodness: Doss Blockos Dark Lager

East Ninth Brewing have released a limited edition dark lager for winter drinking fun. It’s an all natural beer brewed using five different malts, with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, and hints of burnt caramel.

Australian Made: Craft Beer

The trade in tap beer at Frankie’s Pizza is a good example of where brewing is right now: they’ve got their mainstream, chuggable Boags Draught (of which they plow through plenty, we’re told). But you’re just as likely to have your bartender put your plastic beer mug down on the bar, filled with a distinctly blue-coloured beer.

The craft beer tasting panel results: from .5 to 4.5 stars

This was an exciting blind tasting to watch unfold. As our 150th issue approaches we’ve responded to the feedback from readers and our advisory panel. Bartenders are having a greater say in the mag and we think that is great. We also think that the Australian craft beer scene is growing stronger and more and more bars are expanding their range, so we thought we’d put together a panel and a tasty beer line up to see just what was out there and hopefully identify some beers worth packing in your fridges

Tippler’s Tap

Beer is more important to Aussie bars than ever. Tippler’s Tap is testament to this – as manager Carl Rhodes describes it, Tippler’s “is a small neighbourhood bar with no pretense, no dress code and no crap beer.” Seems they’re clear about what they want to do with the place.

East of Everything

If you were at cocktail joint, Bar None, in Camberwell and got a little restless and went exploring, you might be surprised at what you find…

The Latest Shipment from The Flavour Merchants

The Flavour Merchants’ – aka the Hawthorn Brewing Company – are proud to announce the release their second beer, a full-flavoured Amber Ale. The Hawthorn Amber Ale follows the successful launch of the company’s first brew Hawthorn Pale Ale with a third release still promised for later in the year.