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Caribbean drinks — it’s all about the rum…

The Caribbean: we often talk about the Caribbean in passing when we’re talking about rum and rum drinks. But how much do we really know about these places? We’ve put together a couple of snaps, a few stats and more importantly, a few drinks that you might see at each of the following stops in the Caribbean.

A rum bar for The Bearded: Fitzroy’s Los Barbudos

It looks like this is the month when the rum switch got flicked! From the team that brought you such bars as Lily Blacks and Mr Wow’s Emporium (see our December issue on that), comes a new bar that draws on all things Cuba, Los Barbudos…

First Look: new Sydney rum bar, The Lobo Plantation

It feels as those every other week we’re writing about a new bar opening up in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The latest bar to hit the CBD — The Lobo Plantation —promises plenty of good eats and most importantly, rum.

“Julius Lobo was a sugar baron who owned about 17 or 19 sugar mills in Cuba in the early 1900s,” said Jared Merlino (ex-Ivy Pool Club), one of the owners of the new venture. “So he sort of defined that era in Cuba when Americans were coming down during Prohibition. Then it came to an end when the revolution came through and kicked him off the island,” he said.

Havana Club Masterclass: Day #1

The lucky winners of the Havana Club Rum Masterclass have arrived in Cuba to join the other 111 participants from around the world. Join them as they fly Air Cubana, have a stopover in Cancun and sip their first Mojitos…