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Cocktail Experiment – Whiskies

The recently revamped Bellevue Hotel was the perfect backdrop for this month’s cocktail experiment on ‘whiskies’. We had a good line-up that included Jameson Gold Reserve, Dewar’s White Label, Bowmore Legend, AnCnoc and the Dalmore. Leading the experiment was Dan Woolley (Group Beverage Manager, Riversdale Group) and he was joined by a few of the Riversdale Group’s crew – Paige Aubort (LoFi), Kevin Peters (LoFi & the Standard) and Dean Sykes (bar manager of LoFi).

The consummate whisk(e)y educator, Woolley led the team through a tasting session that uncovered many of the wonderful characteristics, and potential cocktail styles, that each product was showing. The Jameson displayed delicate cereal notes and a light to medium body that was thought a good match to a spiced whisky sour, perhaps some agave or fig and cinnamon jam. The crew noted that the Dewar’s had a soft, creamy texture which would benefit from some orange zest or bitters – and ultimately it would end up served as a refreshing punch that incorporated tea and lemon curd.

Riversdale’s Rapid Rise

The Riversdale Group is fast becoming one of the major multi-venue operators in NSW and with the backing of some key investors, including ad man John Singleton, they’re looking to keep growing.

Rock Lily

Rock Lily is an intimate live music venue that’s got a taste for the hard edge of rock and roll and the sweet smooth side of tequila; the heavenly tipple that’s turning heads around the world. Off the back of the millions of dollars that are being injected into Sydney’s Star City casino complex it was only time before a new and exciting venue rose from the ashes, rearing its head to take stage on the Sydney bar scene.

Discussing the Heavenly Spirit with Dan Woolley

Dan Woolley is a self confessed lover of the liquid gold dram, and will soon be behind the helm of his own whisky palace, ARCANE. When Bartender caught up with him recently for a chat about all things malt he extolled some of his whisky wisdom and we thought it was good enough to share.

All Star Crew Behind ‘The Black Boater’

Dan Woolley and his new company, Edge Group, has pulled together some of Sydney’s top bar stars to breath some new life into Surry Hills’ old ‘Mars Lounge’ re-branding the bar as ‘The Black Boater’.