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Doss Blockos Pale Ale

“Fermented in anything we can find, for as long as we can wait,” is the mantra of this latest craft brew to appear on the ever widening market. Doss Blockos has a strong cult association with the New York culture of underground living, when squatters were fighting hard for their right to squat and developers were fighting hard to have them removed. The modern brew is packaged up in a paper bar, testament to the fact that if you wanted to drink on the streets you had to cover up your tipple. With a 4.6% abv, this Pale Ale is described as a ‘smooth, premium style brew’. Brewed in the traditional Lager way and showing full malty flavours that are balanced with a mild hop bitterness. This brew is one for easy drinking, and its fresh crisp taste will ensure that you’re keen to grab another