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A day in the life of… Grand Central Station’s bartenders

In what seems like a world away from the sterilised public spaces that seem to account for so much of our transport hubs, check out this read from Esquire about the bartenders at Grand Central Station — it’s all about drinking on trains, adultery, and what men used to drink…

Internationalist: Opinions are like arseholes…

Philip Duff: “So there you are, bartendering away when an otherwise normal human who, you can’t help reminding yourself, is in all likelihood allowed to vote, proffers an opinion with a foundation more flimsy than a Kardashian’s knickers.”

EDITOR’S BLOG: Recommended Daily Intake

With so much negative press about alcohol these days, it was refreshing to read a frank and funny story about alcohol consumption by journalist and radio personality, Tony Squires. Given the Australian Alcohol Guidelines recommend no more than two drinks a day for healthy men and women and no more than four drinks on a single occasion, Amy asks how many drinks are too many?