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Simon Ford on the topic of gin in general and Fords Gin in particular

‘Fords Gin was created to be a versatile all-around cocktail gin that could be a ‘go to’ gin for bartenders making the classic gin cocktails. The journey started with a bartender friend of mine and I drawing chef-like flavour maps that showed gin botanicals paired with key flavours and ingredients found in classic cocktails.’

How to start your very own spirits brand: we talk to the 86 Company’s Simon Ford

Simon Ford has worked at the big spirit companies, is known for bringing Plymouth gin to bartenders worldwide, and worked for a long time as an ambassador for Pernod Ricard. He’s traded all that in now for his own spirits company, The 86 Company, and his very own eponymous gin, Ford’s Gin. Bartender sought to find out more about where the market’s been and where it’s going.